Thursday, March 28, 2013


Fat. An interesting word that again and again terrorize many people around the world, young or old. You can see that around you. Yourself, your friends, even family members. But again, who like to be call fat right? Unless you look like this, please stop calling yourself or other fat.

A quick research on the web on this word shows few interesting terms. For an example, 'fat - it is merely materials accumulated in your body from consuming extra calories'. Or this 'fat - along with proteins and carbohydrates, one of the three nutrients source of energy in food. Something that your body need'.

Excessive fat at the other hand can mean a lot. The instance definition that come to my mind is energy that been accumulated too much in your body that you need to use it effectively. It is like money, you need money, the value people put in pieces of paper. Too less, you suffer, too much you need to spend it. So that in term of understanding, is fat to me. Ok, i am not making sense here.

Anyway, back to fat, was talking to a friend, girl obviously, that she is terrorize with this word. I reckon that she went through a lot to be in the state of who she is today. I saw her now as sexy, even though i don't think she agree with me on this. But here again, imagine how much damage that this word can do to a girl. I personally don't care people calling me fatso or stuff, cos i personally think that im ok. I'm 173cm, 80kg and im earning more than most of my friends does. What she need now is not people say she is thin or what. She personally need someone that care, accept her thought and support her.

I would say this to her, 'You think you are fat, yeah, i agree with you cos that is what you think. But let me tell you from another perspective. You are my inspiration. You see, you told me you are fat previously and still think that you are now. And if last time you are 70kg, and now you are 45kg, my God, you are a living inspiration not only to me but people around you. And personally i think that is sexy. Cos i see now you walk in full confidence and pride. It is ok to think that sometime you are fat, but also think from another angle, how much have you accomplished. Then, you will realize that you are not bad. But i'm not saying you are perfect, cos you are not.'

Yeah, that basically what i gonna say to this friend of mine. And personally, i dont think we should be anyway terrorized by this word. Again, it is just another thing that our body need and maybe sometime it is too much. So if it is too much, get rid of it then. Simple right?

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