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Hardline monks rally Sri Lanka as Buddhist front By KATY DAIGLE Associated Press

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நீதி அமைச்சரும் கொழும்பு மேயரும் முஸ்லிம்கள் ஆனால் நடவடிக்கை ஒன்றுமில்லை: Associated Press

Hardline monks rally Sri Lanka as Buddhist frontBy KATY DAIGLE Associated Press

Not only these two giants, but there are many more with the names of Muslims, but lost their originality due to reasons which I do not like to describe or disclose. These are very unfortunate situations of the country.

/// ''  Gnanasara said there are ‘‘extremist forces trying to create divisions, buy our lands, marry our wives and recruit our children. The same thing happened in Malaysia, the Maldives and Bangladesh — all now Muslim countries. The same thing may happen in Sri Lanka if we’re not careful.’’  ///

Buddhism came to this country from India 2000 years ago and Islam 1300 years.  If Muslims convert the Buddhist as Islam for more than 1300 years, Buddhist ratio cannot be as it is now!

Our Holy Quran says, There is no compulsion in the religion( 2:256).  And also it said in several occasions in the Quran, that majority of the human will not accept Islam as their religion. Even  Prophet Muhammad PBUH was not allowed to go beyond the teachings of the words of Allah to the mankind.

So, its not the Muslims expectations to convert anyone to increase the number of Muslims which will never happen against the will of Allah.  If anyone thinks of conversion its totally against Allah, and they will become Rejecter of Allah and Islam as Allah has to guide and put in the righteous path. This is the faith of Muslims as per Quranic teachings. If Allah wants to make all mankind its not harder than the creation of the Universe. Its Islam.

Though the arrival of Islam only little more than 1300 years,  the present followers of Islam were living here from the inception of the mankind of the world.  Since the First human Adam came to (Adam’s peak) Sri Lanka and from then the followers of Almighty God was living all the time. Adam’s descendants were worshippers of One and Only God.  In times some people rejected the theory of One God and worshiped whatever and whoever they believed as gods or else.

The existence of believers of One God in this country could be simply proved by the existing tombs of the Saints (Auliyah - the Arabic word) of Allah - the Almighty God in this country.  The present most of the Muslims are the descendants of the sixty footers saints of One God  , and still these tombs are existing in the places like Northern Province, Eastern Province, North Western Province as per my knowledge and they are being called as Shrine (Dhargha ) and they are under the custody of the Muslims time immemorial.

Those Muslims were talking Tamil from that time. This can be proved by various ways.  A major point to prove this,  the presence of Arabs for business purpose to buy spices, gems etc, then they introduces Islam and believers of One God could have been accepted the Islam as their religion.

Very little number of Arabs married the Tamil speaking women those who were followers of the Previous Religions of the Almighty God and introduced a new Language called presently as Transliteration. Tamil written in Arabic for their communication. And also they contributed many knowledge including Medicine, Science, Spiritual etc through this transliteration method to this country.  They never had interest to capture and rule this country, or marry Sinhalese wives and converted.

These inhabitant Muslims were associating and living peacefully with the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, talking mainly Tamil, then Sinhala, and English.  They were peace lovers and their main source of income is from legal (Halal)  business.

The Muslims were never traitors or fighters against the rulers but they were Patriotic and helped the rulers whenever the invaders got into this country. This is because the religion Islam insists of sincerity and loyalty on those with powers to rule the country.  

In the meantime Sinhala Buddhist and the Tamils were fighting against the then Governments and the Muslims of this country never fought against the country or supported violence of the rebellions especially in 1971 by the JVP (Sinhala)  and after by several groups of Tamil rebellions, but always with the rulers and sorted peace among all.  This record of facts cannot be erased from the history of this country.  

/// ‘‘The BBS is trying to push the country toward racial and religious conflict,’’ said a Sinhalese business owner who would only give his first name, Susantha. ‘‘Sometimes I suspect they are carrying out a contract for the government to turn attention away from issues such as the economy, health care and education.’’  ///

The last portion of the above Sinhalese businessman cannot be ignored as it is the opinion of almost all analysts, well-wishers, patriots even the ordinary people of this country.

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