Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ஈழப்பக்கம்: அமைச்சர் ரிஷாத்தை பாதுகாக்கிறதா அரசு?; மன்னார் நீத...

ஈழப்பக்கம்: அமைச்சர் ரிஷாத்தை பாதுகாக்கிறதா அரசு?; மன்னார் நீத...: மன்னார் நீதிபதிக்கு அமைச்சர் ஒருவர் அச்சுறுத்தல் விடுத்த சம்பவம் நாட்டின் நீதித்துறைக்குப் பெரும் சவாலை ஏற்படுத்தியுள்ளது எனச் சுட் டிக...

Mr. Secretary/UNP,

Before you criticize the Minister for your political benefits, try to understand the back ground of the problem. You do not talk about the attack and tear gas by the Police and Army on the peaceful demonstration to have their rights in their territory.

Please remember that you are talking against the North Muslims especially Mannar Muslims who were victims during your UNP regime and still they are suffering and present problem is due to the forcible eviction of innocent Muslims from North in 1990 by the terorist Tigers with the connivance of your party.

If you want to attack the Government, find some other ways. Why did not attack the Govt. when A Thero attacked the Dampulla Masjid in the day light in front of the Police Officers and DS of the area and some other officers.

Do not forget the present status of the country is due to your party's misrule and the inefficiency.

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