Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ஈழப்பக்கம்: அடுத்து என்ன?

ஈழப்பக்கம்: அடுத்து என்ன?: தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகளுடனான போர் உக்கிரமாக நடைபெற்றுக் கொண்டிருந்த போது அடுத்து என்ன ? என்ற இந்தக் கேள்வி உள்நாட்டிலும்   இராஜதந்திரிக...

The so called Tamil Leaders are responsible for the present position of Tamil Speaking People today. They had no policy or plan.

They always cheated the innocent Tamils and safeguard their position and enjoyed facilities and privileges of the Govt

They were not keen in solving the problem of the Tamil at any time. During 1977 propaganda for Tamil Eelam I asked the position and status of Muslims if Tamil Eelam achieved was not answered in that public meeting held in Mannar headed by the leader of TULF SJV.

This Tamil Eelam resolution had been taken even without a consultation with the member parties especially the Thodaman Congress. The name TULF had been used by the Tamil Federal Party for their own benefits.

They won that 1977 General election and became the main Opposition Party and forget about the Tamil Eelam. If they had changed their policy, they would have resigned the seats and contested in the new policy or get the sanction of the general public.

This resulted the losses of lives and all other things with untold sufferings for nearly three decades. Even they were not interested in advising the Tigers to put them in the righteous path of achieving a meaningful solution to the Tamils,when they were with them to get seats in the Parliament with their helps and blessings.

They were in illusion and not willing to realize the realities. Now also they are not sincere to the Tamils but safeguarding their position in Parliament.

When time permits I will write further on this.

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